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mexico coffee aromatic and fragrant organic ground.

  • Saveur : Aromatique, parfumé.
  • Origine : Mexique.
  • Moment : Journée.
  • Ingrédient : Café Mexique.
  • Bienfaits : Biologique, antioxydants.

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Description : organic ground coffee mexico

organic ground coffee mexico pure Arabica. Aromatic and fragrant.

100% Arabica.Aromatic, fragrant. From organic agriculture, organic Mexican coffee is a washed coffee medium altitude (500 to 1500m) grown in the south in the regions of Vera Cruz. The pure arabica coffee bio Mexico is pleasantly fragrant. Pure Arabica.

Notes of cocoa beans roasted and pinion
pine. Smoky aromas and lightly wooded ...
This Mexican coffee stands
its wealth, by its creamy body and liveliness! the difference

Creator of flavors since 1960, our knowledge of French roaster, makes all the difference.

- The largest selection of Arabica coffee, coffee beans or ground coffee, espresso, filter, caps, plunger coffee blend, rare coffees, coffees in the world, for sale on the Internet.

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- Choice of green coffees last harvest, harvest of the year, a must cafes.

- Roasting in the order, so hyper freshness.

- Roasting slow type in oven, 20 minutes of cooking time.

- Experience roaster since 1960.

- An innovative hardware, a concerned corporate standards of hygiene and traceability of its products.

- A true coffee professionals.


Origine : organic ground coffee mexico

organic ground coffee mexico pure Arabica. Aromatic and fragrant.

Pure Arabica.
The cafe in the Efico Foundation responds to consumer needs as well as those of the producer.
In addition, sustainability, respect for the environment, working conditions and systematic support to development projects improving the quality of life of the coffee community are central.
The label Efico Foundation provides a range of benefits:
- The quality of coffee, whose importance continues to grow for the consumer, also plays a key role.
- The Efico Foundation enables coffee farmers to compete in the market by investing among others in the sustainable management of plantations.
This in turn improves the quality of the coffee.
When planting meets social and environmental criteria required, she obtained a durable label or a quality label of an independent organization and recognized (Rainforest Alliance p. Ex.).
- The certified coffee Efico Foundation respects the ethical and correct processes in an environment of free and global economic market.
- Coffee farmers can enroll their children.
This access to education was again made ??possible by the Efico Foundation and its development projects and education.


Creator of flavors since 1960, we roast upon receipt of your order, ultra fresh.

Bienfaits : organic ground coffee mexico

organic ground coffee mexico pure Arabica. Aromatic and fragrant.

Beneficial effects on health.

Coffee is not just about his best-known component: caffeine, major psychoactive component.
It contains more than 50 other ingredients: vitamins, trace elements, minerals and polyphenols, among others. A good source of antioxidants to protect our arteries.
No more than 400 mg of caffeine, or 4 cups of coffee a day to be positively affected.
And avoid the evening, unless you take our decaf without solvents.
Caffeine has stimulant effects through its action on neurotransmitters.

Good humor, energy and well-being are waiting for you.

And a better ability to concentrate.

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any tres parfume laisse un gout de chocolat noisette,,,,delicieux,,un vrai plaisir,,,,
Mexique Un vrai plaisir pour les papilles!

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