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mocha coffee beans homa: survey

  • Nom du champ à définir : Wallaga
  • Origine : Yemen
  • Moment : Journée.
  • Ingrédient : Café du Yemen
  • Bienfaits : Energisant, aide à la concentration...

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Description : mocha coffee grain homa

mocha coffee beans homa Wallaga: powerful, very fragrant with a little aftertaste of chocolate.

100% Arabica.

A Moka considered by some experts as the "Bordeaux coffee."
Exceptional coffee, powerful, very fragrant with a little aftertaste of chocolate back of the mouth. Low levels of caffeine: about 1.01%. Pure Arabica.
Homa is located in Eastern Wallaga in the region Gimbi.
From semi forest crops on parcels not exceeding 2 hectares, this wine is called Moka "savage."
With a permanent shade, cherries suffer a slow, gradual maturation favoring the aromatic complexity. the difference

Creator of flavors since 1960, our knowledge of French roaster, makes all the difference.

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- Roasting slow type in oven, 20 minutes of cooking time.

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- A true coffee professionals.


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