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coffee beans brazil: smooth,

Café colombie excelso Café colombie excelso

  • Saveur : Suave,équilibré, tonique.
  • Nom du champ à définir : Sul de minas
  • Origine : Colombie.
  • Moment : Journée.
  • Ingrédient : Café de Colombie.
  • Bienfaits : Stimulant, antioxydant, minéraux.

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Description : coffee beans brazil

coffee beans from Brazil: soft, smooth, low acidityGrown in the state of Sao Paulo, a very sweet cup, it enhances the flavor of other assemblages of Central America.


100% Arabica.

Provenance: Different varieties of coffee we get are grown in tropical regions where the hot and humid climate is long enough to fit the maturation of coffee berries. This mix comes from Central America varieties.
Selection: The green coffees from the best plantations are carefully selected before boarding, and by us, and so have all the great varieties of qualitative criteria. the difference

Creator of flavors since 1960, our knowledge of French roaster, makes all the difference.

- The largest selection of Arabica coffee, coffee beans or ground coffee, espresso, filter, caps, plunger coffee blend, rare coffees, coffees in the world, for sale on the Internet.

- Cafés for lovers, a rare coffee, coffee in the world, Italian coffee, organic coffee, strong coffee, gourmet coffee, black coffee.

- Choice of green coffees last harvest, harvest of the year, a must cafes.

- Roasting in the order, so hyper freshness.

- Roasting slow type in oven, 20 minutes of cooking time.

- Experience roaster since 1960.

- An innovative hardware, a concerned corporate standards of hygiene and traceability of its products.

- A true coffee professionals.

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